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Hello, I’m MICHAEL YOUNG, the founder of AVA ORION MEDIA
where I’ll help you put your best words forward!
Proofreading, Editing, Writing, Designing and Self-Publishing is what I do.


When I was a child, I never had bedtime stories read to me. I never read books. I was dyslexic, so I was terrified of books and particularly of having to read out aloud. So how did I overcome that fear?
It was because of my favorite TV show at the time – Doctor Who – but that’s a story for another time and another book.
But some passions are in our DNA, they travel with us through lifetimes and NOTHING can hold them down.
Now, I LOVE books, I love reading, I’d love to read your stories… because I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF OUR WORDS!
Have you ever dreamed of holding your own published book in your hands? It was an amazing feeling I will NEVER forget, and I want others to share that feeling. So, Ava Orion Media can help make that self-publishing dream come true.
As well as books, I can also help you with written content for blogs and websites, or essays and projects. You just WRITE and I’ll do the tedious technical stuff like spelling, grammar, punctuation because I LOVE all that too.
EVERYONE has a book in them… some have many books in them.
My client David Goldon is the perfect example of that. Two years ago, he had never written creatively, now he is writing the FOURTH book in his ENGLE BYEN fiction series. The first two are available in our shop.
So, email me at info@AvaOrionMedia.com
Let me show you the POWER OF YOUR WORDS!
To find out more about me and my writing journey go to MichaelYoungAuthor.com

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The FIRE and WATER of creative flow is the balance from two complementary natures.

AVA ORION Media is currently involved in Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Designing and Self-Publishing. We will soon be involved in Film Making, Music and an unlimited variety of creative activities.

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Ava Orion Media supports the Authors’ inalienable right to Freedom of Speech and to Speak Their Truth.  The Words and Opinions expressed in these works are those of the individual Author and it is Undersood that NO Accountability or Liability for them is accepted by, or can be reflected upon, Ava Orion Media.

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