It is with great joy that I put my fingers to the keys to review… or really in a very excited way tell you about my experience with Michael Young and his amazing editorial and creative skills!

 When one writes a book it is a very personal experience, and sometimes goes places that could be difficult for others to grasp.  In this, one does not want the story to fall into the hands of somebody that is not on the same frequency or understanding as yourself. 

In other words, first they need to feel, believe and be excited by the characters and the plot.  Then get stuck into the technical stuff. 

 Michael ticks all of these boxes, and he is not afraid to speak up… in the nicest way… about changes that he can foresee that would be a better option.  Clever he is as he always leaves it up to the author who eventually agrees because, yes, it does improve the strength of the story!

 I am so very lucky to have found Michael, Creative editor, extraordinaire!  He has edited and produced two of my books and I have another two to complete this year, and a new edition of my first book.  Michael is the man that I will go to!

 I hope you do too!

 SUSAN GILLHAM – Author, Healer, Psychic.

ELEANOR | The Guardian Goddess | Jake & The Crystalline Grid | Jake & The Lost Universe | Michael & The Green Spider Who Was An Alien | Meet Me In The Light Without Dying To Get There



A Sister’s Deception


Michael Young initially helped me with the process of editing one of my books The Awakening of the Lotus in 2020. His tireless devotion to editing and finally making my book live with publishing on many platforms was outstanding.

Michael is a very caring and encouraging person and through Michael’s guidance, I am able to write expressively how I wish to write, which is without big words that I do not know the meanings of. Michael’s work is without doubt very much a perfectionist and 100% genuine.

Shortly after the Publishing of my book The Awakening of the Lotus, Michael went on to encourage me to update and complete a children’s book I had written many years prior, titled Tilly’s Journey to Fairy Kingdom. Michael was able to capture the Fantasy and the characters in my book perfectly, with the arrangement of the colourful pictures.

Now Michael is encouraging me to write a Part 3 of The Awakening of the Lotus, which will have a different title, although I have not made the effort to do so as yet but I know it is coming, along with other ideas I have for at least three more books.

I will not hesitate to work with Michael again.

Linda M Noon – Author

The Awakening of the Lotus | Tilly’s Journey to Fairy Kingdom