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Michael & The Green Spider Who Was An Alien

Michael 8 Sq AP 6 HARDBACK c CROP


Seven-year-old Michael is spending time in the country with his Grandma for the school holidays.  He loves to stay with his Grandma.  She is full of magic, or so Michael believes, and she lives in a big house on a hill with a really big garden!

One very wet day, while Michael was playing in the back garden, after there had been a big rainstorm, he was enjoying splashing around in his gumboots, when suddenly he heard a voice crying out for help!

‘Help me!  Help me!’  Cried the tiny voice urgently!
Michael raced to the part of the garden where the sound had come from, and there drowning in the mud and the water was a very strange luminescent spider!  Michael did his very best to help this spider.

Who it turns out is very special!

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