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Jake & The Crystalline Grid (Second Edition)


Book One in the JAKE Series


Eleven-year-old Jake thinks he knows the difference between a dream and real life – until the night he is visited in his sleep by a strange man who proclaims he is his guide and teacher. As Merlin leads Jake into a room filled with gigantic crystals and explains his new role in life, a dark entity is already stirring. While the Lord of Eternal Shadow grows stronger and more determined than ever to conquer Earth and its human race, Jake becomes aware of his Source, his purpose, and his soul’s journey.

After Jake awakens, he returns to life without really understanding the significance of his dream, until Merlin appears and connects him to a book about King Arthur. Soon after he begins sensing a strange energy all around him. Jake is transported into a dangerous battle with this dark god who feeds on the fear and chaos of humanity. With help from King Arthur and Merlin, Jake must now do everything in his power to stop the Lord of Eternal Shadow before he annihilates Earth and all who reside upon it.

Jake & The Crystalline Grid is the exciting tale of a boy’s quest to fulfill his destiny and utilise his gifts to save a planet from an evil Power. 

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