Dr Monika Schott

Dr Monika Schott is a Melbourne based writer and researcher. Life’s intricacies and curiosities inspire her to write and give voice to stories that haven’t been heard, particularly those of lost industrial communities and communities that have been isolated and segregated. Monika was shortlisted in the Ada Cambridge Writing Prize, has written several short stories, articles and various publications, and presents regularly at international forums. She’s currently part of a research team uncovering the history, personalities and science of the State Research Farm in Werribee, Australia, where a small community once lived and worked. The site is of state heritage significance for scientific research and advancement of agricultural practices in Australia and illustrates a change from European agricultural practices to practices specific to Australia’s climate and conditions. Monika will write the social history of this community as a next literary nonfiction and has begun writing The jewel falls from the crown, the sequel to The faraway land of the house and two cows.

Website: www.MonikaSchott.com