Faye Lockwood has always been involved in the arts. From a young child, she was always performing or directing other family members in homemade performances. As a teenager, she joined a local community theatre group and found her passion. Creating works that gave others within the community opportunities to find their own creative happiness.

Her love of writing came later in life. Having written poetry during her life, one day an idea came to mind and she wrote a pantomime all in Rhyme for stage. Her thirst for writing had begun. One weekend away to support her husband’s musician life, she was travelling through a historical town along the border of Victoria, Australia. With her love of history and thinking of what life was like for those who came before her, images started moving through her mind. That mixed with her passion for family mysteries, including her own, and the love of storytelling through visual performance

‘A Sister’s Deception’ is her first published novel away from the stage.

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