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Meet Me In The Light Without Dying To Get There


This book was put into my face as I woke up one Saturday morning seven years ago… Spirit have a way of making sure you get the Message! All the words in this book came from Them…

So it is not a novel but a Book Of The Stages Of Life… much like the Caterpillar forming slowly into the Butterfly and coming out of the Chrysalis a Beautifully Awoken Creature.

Meet Me 2 Am Paperback a Front

Congratulations!  You have been attracted to this book for a reason!

Within these pages we will investigate if, like many people, you know that life is changing. It may feel like it is running away from you. Daily problems, which are normally easily dealt with are just proving too heavy or hard to sort out! People, work, or situations that used to serve you do so no longer. Relationships are crumbling etc.

What is happening?

Within the words of this book there is a frequency of Light, and I know that if you continue to read with a real intention of self-discovery, you will find your answers within. I will take you on a very important journey that is all about you! If you can imagine that you are in the driver’s seat of your own destiny, then I know that you will enjoy the destination.

Be warned however!  There is only one way to get to the Light and that is through the Shadow. This book will show you the Shadow, and if you stay on this journey, may it lead you to the Light!

Stay with me.  It’s not very pretty on the way in but it does get better!

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Or Signed by Author from  (Australia Only!)

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