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The Faraway Land Of The House And Two Cows

Faraway Land P 9 a

Sewerage ghost towns. They exist.

Just ask Sorrowing Father, Dear Daughter and Blackened boy, and Yankee doodle dandy that smiles with the eyes and his shadowy mate. They and other colourful characters tell the unique and untold story of the community once living alongside sewage lagoons and paddocks watered 24 hours a day with Melbourne’s sewage.

A story like no other that combines fact, memory and legendary tale, told by the ghosts of the past through a timeless reality.

A must-read literary nonfiction about the families that built and maintained the Metropolitan Sewerage Farm: from early workers and their families camping on the foreshore in the 1890s, living and working through the Great Depression, both world wars and boom times of the 1950s, to ultimately abandon homes in the 1980s to leave a sewerage ghost town.

 A captivating and beautifully written book … Jo Galea

 A remarkable achievement that captures in riveting detail a century of  ordinary people living extraordinary lives in a little-known corner of rural Australia that’s now vanished … Noel Murphy

Monika puts flesh back on the bones of ghosts of the past … Michael Young

A fascinating read and thought provoking, descriptions and pictures painted are breathtaking … Pam Thompson (nee Sadler)

Both brilliant and beautiful, a celebration of childhood and the power of a unique place that gives readers an intimate look at a piece of Melbourne’s history … Dr Lynette Hinings-Marshall

The ghost narrators are surely as lively and intriguing as characters as the living members of the community … Associate Professor Chris Prentice

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