Print Books, Susan Gillham

Jake & The Lost Universe


Book Two in the JAKE Series


Jake, now sixteen years old, thought that his days of battling evil were finished.

It is now five years since Jake had discovered that he was a Split Soul of the Great & Legendary King Arthur of Camelot!

On discovering this, his life had been thrown into turmoil! He was now under the wing of the most famous Sorcerer in history: the famed Merlin!

It wasn’t just the new powers that he now had or the fact that he had the mythical sword, Excalibur, as a permanent fixture on his chest. Or the fact that he had travelled back to Camelot in fifth-century Britain!

As an eleven-year-old boy, it had been amazingly confusing and terrifying as he discovered that this had all come to life because of an evil entity called the Lord of Eternal Shadow.

Jake, now in the deepest despair, recognises that another evil has presented itself and it is not just him, Arthur and Merlin that are involved this time, but all of the people that he loves and cares about.

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